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Good Morning Forum

I wonder if anyone can answer \ shed light on what I'm sure is a pretty straight forward question ??
I run numerous VCron scheduled jobs which in the main run as they should. I have however come across an option that when selected impacts on all other jobs.

If I open a task and select the 2nd tab along next to "Main Settings" which is called "Condition", then within that select the 2nd tab called "Visual Cron" the top option is called "Condition Check Object". This option has 2 bullet points to choose from 1 - Auto (previous task or job) 2 - Specific (Where you choose another Job Name).

If I select "Specific (Say Job A) it then makes this default for all my other tasks even though I have 50 or so to choose from I can only select 1 which applies across the board. So in effect if I go in to job B, change this setting to suit job B then it runs fine, but Job A fails.

As I never initially setup the VCron application within the company I am starting from scratch, and so learning how best to use the software and trying to understand how and why some options were selected.

Any help would be very much appreciated

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Yes, this is on purpose, Conditions, like many other objects like Time exceptions, Credentials, Certificates are global - so you can reuse them.
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