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I'm trying to accomplish the following, and I believe the feature is not currently present in VC.

I have 50+ server that I'm working with. One server creates a series of files out of those files, 2-3 have to go to server 1, 2-3 to server 2, etc. After the files get to the server, I need to run a batch that processes these files. Since these files can get fairly large and are being pushed down a T1, I don't want to do this sequentially.

I figured out, with help on this forum, how to get the file copy to happen concurrently by creating a job with a separate copy task for each server and turning off "Run tasks in order."

My problem lies in the fact that I don't want to wait for all the copies to be done before processing files, so I would like to trigger the file processing task after that particular servers files have arrived.

I think, in general, I would like to be able to trigger a specific task after a previous task completes. Does this make sense? Let me know if I need to elaborate further.

Thank you for your time,
Mike Biasetti
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