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Jon Tofte-Hansen
I have a job with several SSH tasks. The tasks are not run in order because I want to get separate error mails when either task fails. The tasks check the same on different hosts, so it makes sense (at least to me) to pack them in one job.

On every task I have an "On error"-Flow with "Run Notification" (Always).

The job runs and all tasks are run asynchronously: some fail, some do not. But the task-On error flows are never run on the tasks that fail. Why is that?

I have tried to set "Error causes" to "All errors" in the "On error" tab. No luck though.

I have testet with other task types. I have also tried to set notification on success but this doesn't seem to work either.

Thank you.

Server and Client: version 8.2.7
Could you create a sample Job with Execute Tasks and then export the Job with the Notificion used and send to support@visualcron.com.

In the Execute Tasks you could reference a batch file like:


The bat file could just contain:

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Jon Tofte-Hansen
The reason was that I un-ticked "Run tasks in order". Support has confirmed that this renders task flows unusable.

The solution was to run tasks in order and set the "On error"-flow to the notification. If there is no flow with stop on error, it seems that the job continues to next task.
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