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I have a job that has about 18 tasks that the first 15 of them need to run in order but then the last 3 I would like to run in parallel. I am running 8.0.2 and what I have tried is to adjust the Flow of the final task that on success it have 3 on success run this task (unchecking run the following tasks) but it only seems to execute one. Is there a way to do the other than moving the 3 tasks I want to run parallel to another job and having that job not run tasks in linear fashion. I would have an on success flow from the first job run the follow on job to kick the 3 off for parallel processing? Thoughts on best approach?

I believe unchecking the 'Run tasks in order' makes the tasks run async, not in parallel , but I could be wrong.
Anyway, you cannot mix sync/async code in one VisualCron job. So you would have to move those tasks into a separate job. I think that is
a cleaner way to do it anyway, as my understanding from coding in C#, is that you rarely want to mix sync and async.

Yes, for this scenario you have to use a separate Job with the 3 Tasks and call it iwth the Job/Task control Task.
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Thanks for confirming my implementation thoughts!
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