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anh tu
I have an apartment here now, but I'm Subletting it. So I am here my girlfriend lives here.

Can you consider AZ house?

Yeah, definitely. A Whole Lot of my friends Reside there, my loved onesmy parents are still together and live in, so it feels just
like home.

Have you lived?

Yeah, I went to college in SF from 2006-2008.

Would you enjoy living in New York?

I like New York, but I believe it is tough For me to try and maintain a career here. The weather is demanding, there is lots of distractions and stimulation. It's the istractions--it makes it hard to focus on skating.

What are those distractions? It's Partying, but I know you are not much of a party man.

You get caught up working a lot and Dabbling in different jobs. I worked for some time and a skate store. I interned at an art gallery. There are tons of things. It is a place and that makes it hard to go skate every day. That seems to occur, although I don't get caught up in the partying. New York might have that rep, but I think that happens they are.

Can you drink?

I do but not much. I didn't Begin drinking Until I was 21. Partying has never truly been a vice for me.

You are vegan, correct?

That's correct. Thanks for putting me on blast.

How hard is it to locate food once you're vegan?

I really don't think it's very hard. I think It could have been challenging. It looks like skate tours today go back and forth between Whole Foods and Chipotle. I've heard horror stories about Flip Yeto trips where theyonly eating food that was fast and're
skating 12 hours a day.

That's Sinclair's app, not the Tempster's. When Ed is on board, you get the vegan options.

I've been fortunate to travel with some of the Older men who see what they consume. Like most of the Enjoi staff is rather on that tip, I feel.

What's your food when in a pinch? Do you Have a stash of nuts and complete skateboard reviews ?

I have a small lunch box that I keep with me. I had a jar of water a mix protein shake, some fruit, some nuts and butter. I have. That is when I'm out skating around town, what's in my backpack. Usually on trips, I will stock up at Whole Foods and I kinda eat all day.

The majority of the tips in this Heads are change. Is the front foot stronger than your own back? Why is you go switch?

I rolled my ankle when I was a little kid. That's when I began skating switch a lot. I've never been good. Certain tricks just feel much more comfortable to me going switch, and I can't do the trick that is best regular, so that I go change. I remember getting out of school and wanting to skate so bad but I could just fold switch.

So projecting down switch and pushing change hasn't been a issue, when I started skating, I was pushing mongo. There's that response you were looking for.

What is simpler for you, a rear tail on a five- Foot-or-over transition, or even a change back tail a knee-high ledge?

The switch back tail for certain. I spent an hour This morning seeking to bluntslide a three-foot-tall quarterpipe under the BQE.

I had been losing my head. I looked at Matt Mullin (the Enjoi filmer) and told him, "There is a reason I will never picture a tranny trick." I really don't know who's worse in me tranny or Cairo. I waiting until I am 40 to find out pivot fakies.

Why is it that you never skated transition?

I did, but I was Quarterpipe to level. My brother always skated ledges, so I got to that was not ever about anybody who skated.

All tranny parks popped up once I was skating for a couple of decades, and I was into skating stairs, ledges and horizontal pubs more. I would rather just skate a ledge and have fun rather than spend an hour trying to perform a stand up if I am in a skatepark.

Last question, is that good Of a group?

Oh man! When Dude Ranch came, I was 8 years old Outside and that I shall always have a soft spot for them. That was when I began skating. So I was 10, my older brother was into them.

Most readers of the mag would say they suck. What can you inform them that might sway over them? How To Choose A Good New Complete Skateboard For Beginners 

I am not trying to sway anybody. They Are questionable when I think about but they helped me Get through these angsty-junior-high decades. This shit comes up a lot. I Feel like I'm the unofficial Blink-182 guy in skateboarding. I really don't know if I am all set to be the Blink-182 guy.
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