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We would like to see a means to import a job in a "Silent Mode" fashion from the command line of the VisualCronClient.exe or have a new VisualCronImport.exe utility that would do this. The reason for this is DevOps Lifecycle Automation!!! We would like to create a Job.xml file for any given job, deploy it with our deployment tools, make a call for it to be imported in to the VisualCron job server and be done!!! The VisualCron client already now supports the ability to import this data from within the UI. We are just asking for a way to do this via command line so that it will support automated deployments.
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Any update on this feature request? This would help our automations so much. Even a vc job task to do the import based on a folder or xml filename would help.
Any update on this feature request?
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