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Probably wishful thinking, but I would like the ability to create custom functions in VC. I know I can use .net tasks, but it would be nice to have that possibility in VC also. This is what I mean:

Today you can create fairly create complex logic by nesting functions. eg like this one from another thread:

The problem is that these can become long and very hard to read. It would be nice to be able to create something like this (pseudo code):


Function GetLastBdPreviousMonth

// Ability to add comment should be possible.
//This function finds last bd in previous month

var today = {DATETIME()}
var firstDayThisMonth = use some vc function to find first day in current month given by 'today'
var lastBdPrevious = Subtract 1 day from firstDayThisMonth (using vc function)
return lastBdPrevious;


This would then be available in a new section called say, User Functions. I believe it would make it much easier to maintain and document code
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