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We are running into an issue that today around 10:00 AM several jobs failed with exitcode 77777.

The jobs contain an execute task which fires off a VB Script file.
When running the script locally it runs fine and without errors, but when run through VisualCron it fails with the aforementioned exitcode.

The error which can be seen in the outputpane in VisualCron is in Dutch, however it states that it failed because of missing files, files that are present and the script does not fail on that exact part when run locally.

The jobs have worked without these problems since 2014 and have not been changed recently.

I have checked the script and it does not give an explicit exitcode through wscript.quit(EXITCODE), but the weird thing is, according to the error in the outputpane that it fails on missing files. I have seen that sometimes 77777 is thrown if there is no exitcode being given by a script, but do not know if this is the case here.

Are there any suggestions we can try?
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I am getting the same issue recently on a job that has been migrated to a new server. This job has also failed on the original server after being there since 2014. It seems we have had alot of issues with the stability of VC since upgrading to the latest and greatest versions to fix a VisualCronService error.

The job contains an execute file that runs a .bat file that calls a .exe file with params. There are alot of task to this job, but the job is not making it past the first task .

Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
77777 is a general error. You can find more about the underlying error two ways;

1. check the log file log_serverDATE.txt from the log directory
2. check the output and error output for error details
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