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I have a folder that will get populated with additional folders that contain a load of files - the folders are then picked up and moved by a job, but the job seems to run for every file in every folder within the top level folder.
How do i just get VC to run once and not for every file?


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We had a similar problem, and the only way I could think of, was to add a Stop/Job task at the end of the job. Internal -> Job/Task Control -> Stop Job. The trouble with this, is if a task fails midway. It will then fail once for each file triggered, since you never get to the Stop job task. So maybe you should add an On error -> Stop job flow in addition.

Does your job run on a schedule or on a file trigger?
What does your task setup look like?

I feel this is just an issue of not limiting the selection of your copy task enough. If your job is triggered on the creation of the folder, you can set it to only run on the creation of folders, not files, then use the trigger result variable in the copy task to only copy the recently created folder.

If you run it on a schedule, you can set a file date filter so it only copies folders that were created since the last run time.
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