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New task:

Every day VC should monitor the previous workday's log file on a mapped network drive, look for a string in the file, and if it matches, send an email.

Problem is configuring the correct syntax for VC to read the previous day's log file. Directory contains 600k files, and every day new files are added.

File format: F:\data\log\Chart_Import(FWPLCHAR)NNNN.log where NNNN is a random number.

Any help on how to configure such a task is appreciated.

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I'm not sure i'll be able to help with this, but a screenshot showing the folder with the files in it would likely help to ensure we all understand what you're dealing with. Preferably sort the files by date showing most recent (so the newest file would be from yesterday, at the top). And is NNNN really a random number or is it based on the date in any way?

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Thanks for the reply bbusse. I got it working with the help of VisualCron support and some minor tweaking. Configuration as follows:

Create a job and add an Email task. Configure the Email task as follows:
  1. Configure the Main settings, Recipients and Text as needed.
  2. In the Attachments tab, ADD a new attachment.
  3. In the Location tab, configure Folder path, and Include file mask
  4. Click the Content tab and specify the phrase you want to check for. In this case, the file should contain a phrase of INSERT ERROR.
  5. Click the Date tab and configure the Modified Date to be less than {DATEFORMAT(d/MM/yyyy h:mm tt)} - or whatever your locale setting is. To check your setting, click the red Variable button. Under Date variables, click Date format and use that variable key.
  6. Click the Result tab. Sort the results by Modified Date in Descending order. Limit the result to 1.

Great product, really impressed!
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