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Richard Martin
I have an html page, that has an input box, and a submit button. I'm able to enter data, and when I click submit, the result of what I typed gets PUT into the url.
how do I put the form data (user e-mail address) into Visual Cron when the submit button is clicked?

Using the web api, I'm able to list all my jobs, and tasks. I'm able to run jobs, and able to run tasks. I do have communications enabled.
Is the html file in IIS supposed to run a Visual Cron job? Do I need to create a Net / HTTP task, and based on the task number, get the html file to call up that page?

Do I program my submit button to write to a text file, then run a visual cron job that parses that file to create the user?

What I'm trying to do, is have a basic web page, where the service desk can enter an employee e-mail address, and using powershell, I can parse out the data, and run scripts accordingly.

Answering on email instead.
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