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Version 5.1.0

Over the last month, the VisualCron server has stopped on us a couple times for no apparent reason.
(We just happen to notice it an hour or more later when we see some job that wasn't run.)

The only thing I see in the logs is a "Client Disconnectd" message. (Which comes up all the time, so I think it's just coincidence.)

I can't reproduce on my own, so it seems to be a relatively random occurance.

Any thoughts on someplace to start for troubleshooting?

My first thought was that it was happening if we tried deactivating a task while a job was running, but haven't been able to reproduce it that way.

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In this case we are interested in both log files from the internal log (program files/VisualCron/log/log_serverXXXXX.txt) and event log. Please email those to
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