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  •  JohnW
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I'm developing a job in VisualCron that could benefit from having output sent to a variable printer.

For Example:

A File Creation trigger for a job named PrintJob would read the triggered file path (C:\Dev\PrintJob\Input\PrinterA) and set a variable (easily done) to PrinterA. This variable would then get passed as the printer in the print document task.

As it is now, I'm looking at removing the printing task from the main job, replacing it with a move file task. I would then set a series of jobs acting as printing queues, each with a static mapping for printing (Job PrintA watches folder PrinterA and prints to PrinterA). It's messy, but should generally work OK.

The printing task already seems to take a variable as input, but it does not process anything. It automatically succeeds after a couple of seconds with no output or message.

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