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I seem to be having an issue wtih a task I have that runs and sends an email should there be a number of errors.
The task is a SQL Task.

The flow is as follows

On Error - Stop Job
On Complete - If Output equal 'No Output' (String) - Stop Job
On Success - Continue with next Task

The problem I have here is whenever I delete the 'On Success' part of the flow and run the job it just automatically puts the 'On Success' part of the flow back in anyway and just processes the entire job.

I basically want it to only continue to the next task if there IS output from the SQL Statement, if its 'No Output' I don't want it to continue otherwise it sends a blank email.
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Set your on complete flow of the SQL task to this condition:

if other value: {STRING(RowCount|{TASK(Active|StdOut)})} = 0
then stop job

It just counts the rows of output. That way if there is no output the job will stop with a success status. If not, it will continue on to the next task, which will send your e-mail.
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