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Can you confirm if this is the expected result or this is a bug.
When I use the function, clone to make a copy of a VisualCron job onto the same machine, the cloned Job ID and Task IDs change. This is what I expect. However, any defined Job variables in the cloned job do not change. Is this a bug?

Job "A". The Job ID is c47b5864-fa22-4406-9c4c-7293835ce8ad
Consists of a Task named "write file". The task ID is 333aff33-a9b7-441e-a2f5-0500a1916416
I defined a job variable named fileOutput . I set the value to {TASK(333aff33-a9b7-441e-a2f5-0500a1916416|StdOut)}

When I clone Job "A" (renamed to Job "A1")
Job "A1". The Job ID changes
Task named "write file". The task ID changes
Job variable named fileOutput . The value is still {TASK(333aff33-a9b7-441e-a2f5-0500a1916416|StdOut)} Shouldn't this value automatically adjust to the new clone task values? I have to manually edit the fileOput variable to correct the value. Is this a bug?

That is the action we are used to. It would be nice to have an option to "update tasks ID's" when copying/cloning. There is a "feature request" forum where you can request this.

Try to use the "shorthands" of Active or PrevTask where possible and avoid the direct ID's to avoid this problem:
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