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Dennis H.

i have the problem that several jobs (running every hour or every 15 minutes, for example) from a group are not allowed to overlap during execution.
I have not found a solution that waits for a job until there is no more job in the group.

Is there a solution for this?
I think easiest workaround right now is that you have a file that you create at start of Job and then delete it at end of Job.The file name could be the Job group name for example. You could add a File write and File Read Notification so you can re-use this.

Once this has been added for all Jobs (in Flow->On start and Flow->On complete) you can create a Condition that checks for this file. You can then check the Condition in the Jobs you want to use them. You need to set Condition->File->Not exists to get the default behavior "Continue" with Job.
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