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You can combine two variables like this:

Variable 1: {PATH(GetFileName,C:\Program Files\VisualCron 4\VisualCronClient.exe)}

Variable 2: {STRING(ToUpper,AnyString)}

You want to make upper characters of Variable 1. You can accomplish this by the combined variables below:

{STRING(ToUpper,{PATH(GetFileName,C:\Program Files\VisualCron 4\VisualCronClient.exe)})}

NOTE: VisualCron uses comma "," to separate variable parameters. If you Variable 1 contains commas you will have problems unless you use the alternate variable separation, pipe "|". This is only possible from version 4.8.3. of VisualCron. A combined variable may look like below with pipes instead:

{STRING(ToUpper|{PATH(GetFileName|C:\Program Files\VisualCron 4\VisualCronClient.exe)})}
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