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Brad C.
I am having a problem using a "Remote File Trigger" when it downloads multiple files before triggering. It runs the job for each file downloaded, but the variables available in the trigger only has the last file downloaded.

I setup an FTP site and am watching that for files that are created and made sure that "Put Job in Queue" was selected. If I create 4 files in the FTP site, it will properly download each of them, but when executing the job tasks, they all run as if they are processing the last file downloaded.

Am I misunderstanding how to use this trigger?

Simple job to reproduce:
Trigger - Look for FTP files in a specific path, and choose to download them
Tasks - Email the results of the trigger variables

If it downloads 4 files that match the file mask, but the results of the Trigger seems to only be the last file downloaded.

Using 8.3.5

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Brad C.
I thought it would be worth noting that I have tried using the information from both Active and Direct trigger data.

I'm fairly certain that I have tested this in the past, and am wondering if its a defect in 8.3.5?

Please test again with the following setup:

1. Add remote file trigger
2. add a file write Task with value: {TRIGGER(Active|LastTrigger|RemoteFile.Result.Path)}

With this we cannot reproduce this.
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Brad C.
I think my problem had to do with the "LastTrigger" part.. When I set it up using your value, it seemed to work correctly..

I was using:

I will re-configure my previous test using the "Last Trigger" and see if I am getting what I was expecting.
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