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A. Pechanek
Dear VisualCron team,
we have noticed that in VisualCron 8.3.1 the modified time and date us update each time when the job manipulates with Job Variables.
Or to be more specific: we have noticed, that in the jobs where the JobVariables are used as well as loops, each time they are executed, the modified time and date is being updated.

This creates incorrect feeling that the job was updated recently.

In addition to that, we have recently started using 'user permission' list which specify user name per each person using VisualCron.
However what we noticed also is, that in hand with the issue described above also the 'Modified by' field is being updated. We are not sure what is the logic behind (if it is updated by the person who created that job, or by any other name), but it is definitely not correct and is causing an issue with internal researches.

Is there any way to stop updating 'Modified time' and 'Modified by' fields when the job operates with Job Variables and loops?


Best Regards,
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Job Variables are a property of Job. That is why the Job itself is updated when they are updated.
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A. Pechanek
Thanks, VC support team, for your reply.

However if this is desired behavior, then in our case (of dozen of people maintaining VC jobs) how can we recognize when the job was recently updated by human (and by whom) in case we want to see these jobs where (for example) someone removed some tasks or updated something recently?

I even can't sort by recently modified jobs (for purpose described above) because the results I get aren't accurate (as they considers these variable updates as modification of the job).

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