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Hey guys!

So I'll be upfront; I have cursory experience with MySQL. I understand how databases work, and I understand how queries work, but the majority of my knowledge is conceptual and not practical. I'm attempting to perform a pair of queries to a MySQL database and send the data collected to a user in an E-Mail. Currently, I achieve this by creating a separate task for each SQL Query, reading the output of the query from the "Output" field in Visual Cron, and using Logic Variables to format user friendly text.

My question for you is, do you do this differently? Is there a better way to perform this task? Should I be running all my queries in one SQL task? Although my current method works fine, I want to be sure I'm doing things right. Do you guys have any suggestions, or do you think this is the correct way to do this?

Thanks for the help!
Splitting it up seems reasonable to me. It makes debugging easier in case something fails. Also the tasks become clearer to other users, as it performs one thing instead of many.
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