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Hello, we are trying to set up an odd job, and it's not working as expected. I would like to outline it here for you and see if you think we are going about it the correct way. The actual results from our setup are odd, and may be a bug in your system. Here goes...

We would like to watch a folder for 7-8 differently named files on a given interval. If a file doesn't exist, we want to send an email to a specific person. The email is different for each file. If the file does exist, we want to write an empty file to kick off a BizTalk process.

Our thinking was this: Create an email task for one file. Add a condition to check for file existence. In the actions, if it did not match (file doesn't exist), send an email. If the condition did match, run a task in the same job. If the file was not there, the email would send fine. We inactivated the second task (writing the file) so that it wouldn't automatically run after the email task. In this case, the email wouldn't send, but the file wouldn't get written. So we activated the task...thinking we could put a condition on it to only run once. When we ran it this time, the second task began to flicker between running/completed and looked like it was stuck in an infinite loop. This is what may be the bug I mentioned earlier...or just bad logic on our part.

Are we going about this the right way? Is there a way to run an inactivate task? In this method there would be two tasks per file/email combination, which we're ok with, but is there a better way to organize them?

You're help would be very much appreciated. If i failed to explain everything clearly, please let me know and I will elaborate as best I can.


Mike Biasetti
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you should not inactivate the Task. I think it is easier to add the Match in a new Job. So, if the file exists, run Job X. Let me know if that works for you.

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