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We have a job whos first step is a Get Messages task - it loops through an inbox and saves out the attachments. It is set to delete messages on Server which seems to permanently delete the message, so if the next steps fail for any reason we can't replay the job.

What are our best options to save a copy of the email in case we want to refer back to it later? The Get Messages task type doesn't seem to allow us to drop a copy in another mailbox folder.

I can see an email trigger task might do the trick - does that run on all new emails it finds in the inbox, or just one at a time?

The job as a whole currently gets all new emails and saves the attachments, then loops the saved files and does other operations on them, so I need to emulate that.

Currently we do not have that feature. I am moving this topic to Feature requests. If you need this now please contact sales@visualcron.com for custom development.
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Thanks - it would be awesome to be able to file the email in another folder within the Get Messages task.
Within the email trigger that can make a copy - would that work, or does that operate on single emails at a time?
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