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Hey guys,

I'm trying to set the global flag in my Regex search so I can return multiple PC names from an XML file in one of my automated tasks. This is so I don't have to actually read the file, I can just put the relevant contents of the file into my E-mail.

Can you guys think of a better way to pull the fields, or a way to enable the global flag? I tried encapsulating my expression in / /g but that didn't work, and I don't think the matchgetgroup works for me either, it still will only ever return one result. I need multiple. Thoughts?
You have the XML Read Node Task where you can use XPath query instead to return a list. I think that is more straightforward.
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Could you add some more detail about your process? How are you doing the regex search? Are you calling another program and reading regex results into VC for e-mailing? If so, what program as all regex engines are not created equal. Please show an example input file, and what you expect the output to be.
Yes. There is another program generating XML output, which I parse for results to construct a status report E-Mail. I was using the visualcron regex function, but I'm unsure which engine is used.

Turns out regex was overthinking it. XML read node is a far better solution.
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