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I am trying to create a Visual Cron job that executes a command.
The command invokes java with some parameters. One of them depends on an environmental variable.
The command looks like:
Command: c:\tools\jdk8\jre\bin\java.exe
Arguments: -jar job-v{GETENV(VAR_NAME)}.jar

I can see from the variables window that the environmental variable is resolved correctly.
When I executed the command c:\tools\jdk8\jre\bin\java.exe -jar job-v%VAR_NAME%.jar from a windows shell it worked.

When I trigger the job from VisualCron I am getting an error that suggests that the command was somehow invoked in an incorrect manner.

If I exclude the environmental variable and I tweak the filename and I trigger the execution from Visual Cron the command is executed correctly.

It seems that there's a problem.

How can I see the actual command that VisualCron executes?
Is there a way to see what causes the error?
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You cannot see the actual command.

1. I assume it works when you hard code the Variable value in the argument field?
2. maybe you need to select a Credential (with Load profile) option - same user as you are logged in as
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1. Yes, it works
2. The credentials are correct, the user is administrator and I log-in as administrator.
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