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Running 8.3.6 using the "The Cloud - Upload File(s)" task and running into a snag.

I have a couple jobs running that use a Dropbox account to transfer files into a vendor.

The task ends in the following error:
Exception in Task: Dropbox server reports the following error: 400 "Bad Request"

A pop-up will show indicating that the Connection has expired and if I want to open the Connection Explorer. Whey I do, I get the following error in the Connection Explorer window.
"Authorization code could not be empty"

Trying to sort this out. I've re-created my Dropbox App and cant seem to initiate the Dropbox Session. Feels like I'm doing something wrong, but this started shortly after i went to 8.3.6.

When in the "Edit Connection" window for Dropbox, I get a "Token is empty, please check your connection details." when selecting "Authenticate" .
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Can you try switching between Authenticate in External and Internal browser?

Also, make sure you use the same redirect uri (with port) in VisualCron as in Dropbox settings.
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Adding the port in the redirect URI fixed my issue. THanks.
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