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Our server in which visualcron is running is getting crashed and automatically rebooting recently.

Following are process running around that time of reboot:

1. Kill our existing application process.
2. Wait task
3. Write file task.
4. SQL task
5. Application executable task
6. sql, write file,
7. application execute task,
8. sql task,
9. Archive task,
10. copy files task,
11. sql task
All the above tasks are present under a same job which was last modified around 5 months ago and the server reboot happened 3 times this week.

Following is the attached image containing error details from infra.

Server version: Windows server 2008 R2 SP1
Visualcron version : 8.1.2

Can you suggest any solution instead of VisualCron version upgrade??

Most likely this is related to an issue with the Kill Task. Try replacing that with taskkill command or upgrade.
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