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Brad C.
Is there a way to dynamically assign a connection for which a job uses?

We have a database that provides us a list of our active clients. We query that list and loop through each one and generate a PDF document using an SSRS task. This all works better than I could have even imagined, using VisualCron.

But, now we want to take it a step further and begin posting each of the 95 documents to the appropriate FTP location. 95% of them are using our internal FTP server and can be merely copied from their created location, into a UNC path that we would be able to determine through another database query.

For those that have their own FTP site, we would need to dynamically choose the proper connection, or supply connection information from the same database query.

Thoughts or ideas?
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Theoretically yes. You could VisualCron loop through a list with separate info about connection address, username and password and use Variables inside Connection.
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