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Hi all,

I want to create a task that will mail a certain pdf file that contains a certain line of text.

But when I do the task to Add/Update attachment for the E-mail task and test the job, I get 0 files found.
So it seems that it cannot search through pdf files for the Content tab? I use "Contains" and a string of text which is 100024 and that text is on page 2. But if I change to Content to look for the string GTPRD it finds which file it is.

Do I need to specify that is needs to search on page 2 or something?

Best Regards
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I also tried converting the pdf file in the folder to docx but when I do that task the entire VisualCron crashes and the server service needs to be restarted. As I was thinking maybe it is "easier" to search a docx document for the text string...

You can't read content from pdf or word files as plain text, so you can't use that approach.
To achieve what you want you're gonna need add a few more task.

  1. Add list Files task, filter it to pdf's only
  2. Add Pdf Search Text task, add you're search criterias (it will give an output if criteria is met).
  3. Depending how you want it, 1 mail per pdf och 1 mail with all, either add a copy files or mail task.
  4. Put task #2-3 in a loop using output from task #1
  5. Create a condition that check output from previous task, if empty next otherwise continue.
  6. Apply Condition to task #3

Try doing it along the lines above and give it a try.
Hi thordw,
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I looked through the tasks and did as you said but I believe I end on a hitch at step #2.
As I set the task PDF - Search text and for it to search in the folder where 21 *.pdf files reside, to only search on page 2 and look for the text MML (which is unique to only be in 1 file of the 21 the test result shows all 21 files anyway. So with that in the end it wants to mail 21 files rather than the file I want it to identify.

What can be the underlying reason for such a search and output behavior?
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