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Dear Support,

Migration from from 8.2.3 to 8.4.1 preconfigured Sftp connection fails,

Using Connrction Explorer show log messages :

Connect thread -> Setting basic Connection settings
Connect thread ->Setting proxy
Connect thread ->Setting authentication
Server software name: ''
EncryptionAlgorithmClientToServer: '3des-cbc'
EncryptionAlgorithmClientToClient; '3des-cbc'
EncryptionAlgorithmClientToServer: 'hmac-sha1'
EncryptionAlgorithmClientToClient; 'hmac-sha1'
KeyAlgorithm: 'diffie-hellmann-group-exchange-sha1'
SBSocket.EEISocketError: Invalid address

This problem prohibits us from migration to actual version

Any ideas to change connection settings.

Best regards,

Thomas G-A
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I would recommend fixing the algorithm instead, 'diffie-hellmann-group-exchange-sha1' is unsafe to use.
Many softwares are starting to remove old and unsafe algorithms .

I faced the same problem and solved it by having the server side updated with newer algorithms.

Swiched off the encryption protocol *hellmann* on the sftp server and afterwards on visualCron ( Key exchange algorithm )
Problem still persists with the same messages.

last row:
SBSocket.EEISocketError: Invalid addres

additional tooltip :
SBSocket.EEISocketError: Invalid addres
at SBSOCKET.TEISocket.AsyncConnect(Int32 Timeout)
at SBSocket.TEISocketConnect(Int32 Timeout)
at SBSocket.SimpleSFTP.TEISimpleSFTPClient.Open()
at ctRemoteBrowser.JLKMIOCB .... FJP(Object)

Last message :

Best Regards .
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