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Now that my firm is very embedded with VC, we need to have an accurate report of jobs.

This report is near perfect except I have no way of including when the jobs run. If we could add the schedule time trigger to each job, to this Job report, it would fit the bill great for those of us that have business critical tasks running in VC.

Link to image of where I am talking about in the task settings: 
This would be very helpful for my company, too! This feature would make tracking down conflicting jobs quite a bit easier; as well as creating/updating a SharePoint doc for the team that outlines each job, when they're due to run and the length of the timeout.

Speaking of timeouts, adding the job/task timeout to the report would be helpful, as well. One of the messes I inherited (pre-VC) was untangling a number of jobs that would fail in a cascade because timeouts weren't consistent between jobs, e.g. one job with a timeout of 30 minutes would hang and fail, and other jobs were scheduled to run every 5 minutes after the first job.
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