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When installing VC on my team's new server, I was having trouble with all of my Oracle connections since they had been using OraOLEDB.Oracle.1 as the provider. I believe it was Henrik from VC Support who suggested that I switch to the VC native Oracle connection, so I set up all of my existing connections using the native support. I then switched over most of my jobs to use those new connections, but I have a couple of scripts that refuse to run under the native connection, and I have no idea why. There's nothing wrong with the script itself - it ran perfectly using OraOLEDB.Oracle.1, and it runs perfectly when I run it manually in Oracle SQL Developer.

My problem now is that I was trying to install Oracle Express on this machine, and somehow it messed up the registration of OraOLEDB.Oracle.1, so now those connections don't work anymore. The error I get when I try using the native connection really isn't very descriptive:

Error in sql query: ORA03113

Exception in Task: ORA03113. ORA03113

Does anyone have any idea why the native connection doesn't work in this case? I'd post my script, but it's 360 lines long and I wouldn't expect anyone here to look through something like that in detail. Besides, as I said above, it's not the script that's the problem. At least, not the executable statements - I had thought that maybe the native driver doesn't like some of the comments, so I removed a bunch, but still no luck.

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It seems like a generic error so hard to trace the reason. Maybe it is a timeout? Does the script run long time normally?

I would try to cut out or simply the script to see which line is causing the issue.
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The script usually takes about 1 minute to run, but it's giving the error much sooner than that, after only a few seconds. I'll try your suggestion, but I'm not sure how much I can cut out because most things within the script are dependent on each other.
Ok, now I feel like a complete idiot. :)

You were right about the timeout, but it wasn't an Oracle-related timeout. I had this set to 9 seconds:


I'm not sure how I managed to set that, because I certainly didn't do it on purpose. My guess is that I accidentally hit something as I was tabbing through the fields. Once I set it to 0, the script ran perfectly.

Glad it was resolved!
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