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I have a task that an MS Access database macro and then sends an email to certain users. It's scheduled to run every Sunday at 9am, but for some reason, it refuses to run. It does start to run, but fails, and gives no reason for the failure. Yet when I log into the VC client and trigger it manually (with absolutely no changes to the job or any associated files), it runs perfectly.

I've had this issue with other MS Access-based jobs, and I fixed those by moving the jobs away from MS Access. The problem is that with this job, I can't do that because the job needs to store a history of the data it pulls, and I don't have the ability to do that in any other database system. We're on Office365, and I noticed with the other MS Access jobs that the DB files were constantly becoming corrupt when ran over a network, yet seemed to run fine when run from the local C:\ drive. So I added a step in this job that copies the DB file from the network to the C:\ drive, then runs the macro, and then copies the file back to the network location (and overwrites the existing file). Unfortunately, this didn't fix the issue.

So my question is, what's different about how VC runs a job when it's triggered via a schedule versus when it's triggered manually by right-clicking and selecting "run job"? The only potential thing I can think of is the Windows user account that the job runs under, but even that shouldn't be the case. When VC runs a job, it runs it under the SYSTEM user. When I run the job manually, I'm logged in as a certain user, and it'd be that user who triggers the job, but isn't the job still supposed to be run under the SYSTEM user?

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Joey S
Anytime I have had an issue like this it was definitely related to the user running it. Try changing the user to someone with full admin rights. Use a cred that does not load the profile
It's already running under an admin user (the same user I have specified for pretty much every other task in every other job I have). I'm not sure what else to check.
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