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This was just reported to me today, but it appears that we have several scheduled jobs that are starting as they should. But they just flash on the screen and close out.
I pulled the logs and I have found this error...

Task completed: Run XXXXX (3045285)
Task with id: 3f90a27c-2456-483d-968b-802a7784a428 was not found.

I can manually kick off the job and it successfully runs and completes with no errors. But when waiting for it to be picked up by the schedule it will just flash and close.

I did notice that usually there is more than 1 job that is starting at the same time, but not always. We are using a time interval so if a job is set to run every 15 mins, VC will pick it up to run every 15 mins. We have been doing it this way for years with no issues.

Does anyone have any info regarding this problem?
Joey S
The task id can be used to try and track down what is failing... Take your id and put it in to the variables screen like this: {TASK(3f90a27c-2456-483d-968b-802a7784a428|Name)}

It is possible that the task id you mentioned is a "unique ID used for each execution" and my suggestion will not resolve a name.

Honestly, either way I think you have two choices. One...set the job back up fresh and you'll probably be good. Two...turn on additional logging and email support.

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