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Hello VC team,

We have strict security policies. We have a normal user account and a superuser account with longer and complicated passwords.
Access to servers (log on, VisualCron, databases) are only allowed with this super user account. Until this week the normal account was used for VisualCron, but all permissions for the normal accounts are revoked.
As far as I know in the VisualCron client there are 2 ways to connect to a VisualCron server: using the current logged on AD user, or using a VisualCron user (Use Internal Logon in the connection settings)

So from this week on the logged on user is not the same user we need to connect with in VisualCron. We can use “runas” or shift + right click – “Run as different user…” to start the VisualCron client with the super user account.

It would be very helpfull to have 3 options when adding a VisualCron server in the client:

• Use the logged on AD user (as it is now)
• Use different credentials with possibility to specify domain, user and password
• Use Internal Logon (as it is now)

Have a nice day!
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