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Hello, new to visualcron.
I want to setup a task to connect to an FTP and download any new or changed files.
My concern with sync is that we will delete the files from the destination folder when they are used but we need to remember it was downloaded and not download again.

Is there something built in or do we need to set the program to read all files on the FTP, Log what is downloaded, then on the next connection compare the file list to the downloaded log?

Thank you
Hi LloydMcDaniel, welcome to the forum!

What you can do here is:
  1. FTP List file task, only showing files from last few days
  2. (loop start) FTP download task, downloading current loop filename
  3. (loop end) File Write task writing the downloaded filename in a file

The loop loops over all the filenames from task nr 1.
On task 2 and 3, there is a condition checking if the loop filename is in the file from task 3. If so the action is Next, if not in there, the action is Continue.

That should do the trick (as I'm doing it also this way)

[EDIT]This is only for new files, you could use this kind of meganism to store also the size or date and check that also (more complicated)[/EDIT]

Uses Visualcron since 2006.
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