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Hello everyone,
we are currently checking our systems for security and privacy aspects due to new legislative rules.
While doing so we encountered a huge problem when checking our Visualcron-servers.
We are unable to find a way to use a access-management on connections in Visualcron, which is desperately needed.

The current behavior of Visualcron:
User A creates a connection in Visualcron, let's say for Database A. Database A is restricted and not every employee is allowed to see the data in it.
User B, who does not have access to Database A, can now create a SQL-Task and use the connection that User A created.
This way the access-restrictions on Database A are corrupted and every Visualcron-user can access by creating SQL-Tasks.

The desired behavior of Visualcron:
User A creates a connection in Visualcron for Database A, he is automatically given permission to use the connection and has the option to give access to other users if he wants to.
When User B tries to create a SQL-Task he can now only choose Connections where he has been given permission to use. Database A does not appear in the list of connections for him.

If there is already a similar functionality implemented? I would love to get some directions on how to use it.

I am afraid we will be forced to shut down our Visualcron-Servers, if we can't restrict access to connections, which would be a shame because we really love this tool.
Yes we would like this also
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