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Changes in 5.7.6.

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added remote server (VisualCron) execution in Job/Task control for Run Job/Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added remote server (VisualCron) Trigger
[BUGFIX] Client/API: Fixed an issue with listing remote services in Service Trigger

This version contains two new additions to provide Server to Server communication. We have the Job/Task Control Task which now can execute a Job or Task on a remote VisualCron instance.

Also, we have an enhanced VisualCron Trigger which can monitor VisualCron activity on a remote VisualCron server - for example, when a certain Job has been started.

Please let us know if you have any questions as this is a big change for us - and maybe for you.
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So, if I am to understand this correctly does this mean that if one were to buy a site license, VisualCron 'Server' could be installed and treated as if it were an 'agent' running on other servers and jobs could all be managed from ONE CENTRAL SERVER ?

Such as this:

Master Server contains all the jobs, triggers, etc...

Server2 has VC Server running with no locally scheduled jobs, BUT, if 'Master Server' tells it to run something, it would ?

I'll install and test, just wanted to clarify the intent of these new features.

Correct, but Master and Slave are just labels that are used to describe the Job/Task control (on remote server) and the Remote VisualCron Trigger.

A site license is one way to work with the new features on multiple computers.
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