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I have given VisualCron a brief go. Historically I've used Automate, a similar tool that costs 10x as much - so my expectations of VC were appropriately adjusted downwards!

As it turns out, I think it's a really nicely thought out tool and one I'd use for scheduling everyday tasks in a lightweight manner.

One issue I did find is in trying to run .NET code. If you do it via the 'assembly' function it doesn't like .NET 4 code - though I may well have been doing it the wrong way. The '.net code' seems to require you to paste in the code - which is ok for small snippets but really you need to reference a DLL to do significant tasks.

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Thanks for feedback. Correct, currently we support .NET 3.5. on assembly and .NET Code Task. We will probably upgrade soon - this means that we will require 4.0 at install.
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