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Running version 6.0.6 in our production environment.

We have around 40 jobs, and one of them keeps having its File Trigger disabled.

The job has 5 Triggers:
4 of them are Time/Interval triggers for specific times of every weekday.
The other is a File Trigger so users can manually kick off the job on the fly if needed.

File Trigger: UNC path, (i.e. \\server\share\folder\BeginUpload.TRG)

Watch Type: Created
"Trigger when file has been released" is checked.
Notify Filters = File Name

Its happened twice now that the File Trigger has become 'unchecked' and there is no Expiration set up on the trigger.

Has anyone ran into this before? Is it something fixed in the latest version? I'm going to upgrade the server, likely next week, to the latest release. I just wanted to ask and possibly submit a bug report if it hasn't been mentioned.

Would love some input :)

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