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Imlementing Visualcron enabled us to bring together disparate batch jobs, scripts and sql tasks into a single managed interface. We use it to import data through perl scripts, run nightly jobs on our ERP systems, identify data inconsistencies on our SQL databases, to name but a few tasks. All of these can be executed at any time with full control of output, report and error alerting. By utilising the FTP functionality we are able to extract data directly from our ERP systems and send it customers.

Visualcron enabled to replace a non-supported scheduling system, Windows scheduling system and SQL DTS jobs, now we have one simple interface with a standard reporting/alerting methodology. We are always finding ways to exploit VisualCron to aid in our business.

The support is fantastic with a willingness to provide help and undertake enhancement requests.

Excellent product, keep up the good work.

Graham Goodey
MIS Manager
S. Black Ltd
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