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We have been using VisualCron for a long time. Hard to even say how long, but I would guess about 7 years, for most of that we've had a site-license. The product is rock-solid and has a ridiculous amount of versatility. In fact, I bet we have not used 10% of the various types of tasks it can complete, and we use the product on every single server and most IT workstations to schedule everything from backups and file syncing, to automating checks for our file systems and user data. In fact, it serves as our queue processor for our web server! Henrik is a fantastic developer and has always been very helpful when we needed support or requested changes. Couldn't imagine running an IT department without it!
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I'd like to second this testimonial. VisualCron is our scheduling software at our company and we've been using it for more than a decade. Henrik has always been quick with any support I've required too. Great product.
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