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Running into a setup issue here. Any help is appreciated.

I have Job A that runs daily, M-F

I have just set up Job B, that needs to run on successful completion of Job A, but ONLY on Wednesdays.

I have set up for Job B:
- Trigger: VisCron. Successful Completion of Job A
- Trigger: Time Interval. Wednesdays
Both triggers are active.

Will this do it? I see a Dependencies option in the Triggers, but I'm not certain this will make both triggers dependent on each other. What am I missing to be sure this executes correctly?
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As a workaround, for now, I created a Job C that I called the "Activator". This Job runs every Wednesday, and has a trigger set to Activate Job B. Once Job B is activated, it waits until Job A is compete, then runs, then has a final task set to deactivate itself(Job 😎. Repeats next Wednesday.
I think easiest way is to not use any Trigger on Job B. But add Job/Task control in Job A that launches Job B as last Task. But in the Flow tab of previous Task in Job A you can just check date Variable if it is Wednesday before launching. Look at this Variable: {DATEFORMAT(dddd)}

You just compare value in Flow with this Variable before launching.
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