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Please note that VisualCron support is not actively monitoring this community forum. Please use our contact page for contacting the VisualCron support directly.

We do get a lot of feature requests for VisualCron. Our roadmap normally picks up Feature requests that;

  • generic solutions (requests that follows the form factor of VisualCron)
  • follows standards (requests that follows Internet and computer standards)
  • generally interesting (requests that most users are interested in)

The total value of criterias met of the list above decides whether we will put up a Feature request in the closest, upcoming road map.

Some customers have requests that either do not fit into the critera list above and/or need a feature right now. For those customers we offer Custom development. Custom development provides a way for customer to prioritize development. The procedure is the following;

  1. customer sends requirements to
  2. sales evaluate the request and if request can be met a symbolic cost is presented for adding the feature - normally a fraction of the original development cost
  3. customer completes the payment for the custom development
  4. development starts right away and finishes upon agreed date

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