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Robots is a hot topic in IT right now. The Robots on the market are often expensive and hard to use. Even though Visual Cron are developing Robot functionalities in the product, it will already serve as a well functioning Robot today using the Web-script interface. Smartsourcing have developeted a Self Service portal with the aim to automate every IT process. In some cases it is hard to integrate to complex, legacy systems. This is where the Robot becomes handy. On our website <link to demo>  we have published an example where we use Visual Cron as a Robot for Onboarding of a user and automatically creating accounts in several systems. The demo is in swedish, but you will probably get the grip of how it works anyway. The integration to a new system is a matter of minutes. Just use the recorder in the Web script task, record a session and insert variables where nessesarry. The job is started by posting a file with the user information to a specific directory.
You can contact us at for more information on how it is done and how the Self Service portal works.

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