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Bob Burt
Using 8.4.

Exported a job from Server A and imported it onto Server B. Both have save version of VisualCron. Getting error:

Error occured when importing settings, error: Error 5 creating directory 'Jobs.xml':
Access is denied.. Missing password?

Using a server admin account.
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Had the same error on 8.3.7, had to go via the server and import the job
for it to work.
Bob Burt
Never mind, figured it out. All I was wanting to do is create a copy of a job on server A to Server B. I brought both servers up in the client and copied the job. I will need to make sure specifics are re-added on other server(credentials, connections and such), but it worked.

But still, would be nice if export/import would work so I could move credentials and other settings as well.

What I am attempting to do is have users develop the tasks on a Dev VisualCron box, then once they get all the details worked out, I move the job over to one of our production boxes. Developers do have rights on Prod box, well because they are developers.......
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