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We implement administrative accounts to connect to our servers, these are different to our normal desktop logons.
AD logon is working, because I can logon to Visual Cron from the server itself, using the administrative logon.
The problem I have is:
- I need to logon to VisualCron using my administrative domain account, when I'm logged into my desktop as my normal domain user account
- To get around the problem of using another domain account, when logged in as someone else, I use Windows Credentials.
- In Windows credentials, I've added the address and port address of the visual cron server, (port address 16444)

However, I still get the "AD logon is not allowed on this Server." message.

I've tried changing the credentials to use an "internal logon", and enter the domain name as part of the login, however that doesn't seem to work either.

Things get even stranger when I try connecting via the C# Api from my desktop computer, which works as expected when the Windows Credential is saved for the administrative account.

Has anyone used Windows Credential Manager successfully with VisualCron ?
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It is not clear what you mean.

First, you cannot logon as any other AD user than the one you are logged on as. If you cannot logon with your current user and AD is enabled both in Client (server connection) and Server (user permissions) then you need to check the log file log_serverDATE.txt

It will be very clear which user tries to logon and why it fails.
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