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Jon Tofte-Hansen
When using a date function (in Variables) an output mask exists. Eg. {DATEFORMAT(yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm)}. This is great as the dateformat of the OS users involved can vary.

But when using date input there is no mask option. Eg. {DATE(DaysBetween|2019-11-05|2019-12-05)}.

To enforce independance of random OS user date format settings I propose input mask options in date functions. The example above could be overloaded so this was a possibility: {DATE(DaysBetween|2019-11-05|2019-12-05|yyyy-MM-dd|yyyy-MM-dd)} or only one mask for both inputs.

This would also render cumbersome substringing of arbitrary date input formats (eg. input filenames) superfluous.

Thank you.
I second this feature request. In general, code should work regardless of the users OS settings. So if I post a snippet of code on the forum, someone should be able to just run that code. Now they potentially have to change the dateformat in the code to make it work.
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