Automate Numerous Software with Ease Using Task Scheduler

Windows 10 is about to come up with a remarkable change in Microsoft’s OS works. However, the Windows 8.1 comes with some legacy tools and apps that you may not be aware of. VisualCron’s Task Scheduler is one of them. It is an inbuilt utility that will help you to automate numerous tasks without using any additional software. The details about it are mentioned below:-


VisualCron’s Task Scheduler tool is a powerful task scheduler. It will enable you to automate all your daily tasks such as lunch applications, batch files, scripts, web pages, shut-down and restart of your computer, close-dial up connections and play sounds. Pop-up messages will prevent you from forgetting important tasks included on your to do list. Automatic shut-down feature enables you to leave your system running and be confident that it shuts down at a particular time. Almost the same feature is applicable in the case of dial -up networks and programs.


Task Scheduler icons will become visible in your system tray, providing you with access to all the features through a popup menu. It will appear once you right click. You can restore the tool by pressing on Advanced Task Scheduler. This scheduler may also be launched as a Windows Service. It will make sure that all the tasks you have scheduled tasks to run in a well ordered manner without consuming too much of your desktop space. You can also run it without logging in as a user.

Task Scheduler can keep a track of all tasks that have been executed in a log file or shared with you in your inbox. This will help you to take note of which tasks are being executed and at what time. You can also print the log file if the need arises. Moreover, you can also encrypt your settings and task list, utilize login-watch, process watch as well as file watch features and assign numerous short-cuts and schedules for each task.

It is an effective tool that you may not have a clear idea about. One way through which you can understand its potential is to find out its usability. Once you do that, you won’t have to waste your time handling a multitude of software.

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