The Crucial Business Automation That Kills Your Competition

In day to day business transactions, having a technological advantage can mean a lot. Whether in terms of timely delivery or in reducing the manpower involved to get a particular task done, software resources have always been a great help to business processes. Analogous to a virtual assistance package, this software protects your office data processing and adds value as a technology-built friend.


We have leaped ahead of the old days when an office clerk would need to note down everything, from the schedule of events to the pending tasks. VisualCron brings ahead an opportunity to integrate multiple tasks, all in one place. So whether it's planning a specific job or assigning tasks to various employees, you can comfortably record them all in this software. The software will take the lead and will assist you in integrating various systems through fast file transfers and compatible conversions. Especially when your daily job involves dealing with .BAT file resources and iteratively transferring files and digital data, this software claims to provide you with the maximum utility value, without compromising in terms of quality deliverance. With this kind of software assurance will trigger your motives of outrivaling your business competitors.

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With an intelligent design such as VisualCron, you get your instant messenger integrated to get the real time collaboration with many team tools. Even when you have to travel and have a busy schedule, you can use this software to control your tasks due to its cross-time internet connectivity all across the globe without bothering about information leakage. Supporting multiple clients with just one server administration, you can even develop your personalized desktop or web experience.

Client only Pre-requisites

Depending on your specific requirements, you will need have to meet the following system requirements to get things working:

OS requirements

By design, VisualCron is developed to work with Windows operating computer systems. Whether you have Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or previous versions of Windows such as XP, 2003, 2008 or 2012 version, this software will demonstrate ample compatibility to suit your needs. All you need to ensure is that your system has .NET 4.0 enabled. Regardless of whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor, you can avail the benefits of this efficient software to suit your business and other needs.


However, to get the maximum efficiency and the most optimized performance, it is recommended that you install VisualCron software on a Windows 8 OS. and preferably be quad core or higher. A reserved memory of 200 MB is essential for proper functioning, additionally there should be at least 4GB of free memory to serve your purpose.

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