Critical Reasons Why You Must Choose Visualcron For Your Business Automation

VisualCron is already making a buzz in the international enterprise markets. Like who doesn’t want the business process to become automated so that there can be a sigh of relief at employee desks? Besides working great as.BAT file transfer tool and an excellent workflow management software, this software has gotten the excellent user interface and smart task scheduler.

Although bigger companies have begun leveraging this industry-standard software, mid-level and startup companies have shown surprisingly low interest in adopting it as a savior for their time and investment. The reason is pretty simple: most of them do not know whether their business operations need this kind of software. No, it’s not about the costs, or the method of implementation alone. It’s also about the scalability of your business reach. Diving deep, let’s find out why business automation software is the ideal choice for your mid-size business.

  • Reducing costs by cutting down manual errors and inaccuracy

Going by the proverbial 'boys will be boys' syndrome, it is not uncommon for office executives to forget event days, or just not make to scheduled appointments. Despite seemingly small issues, such negligence can cause your organization disastrous financial loss.

A software as efficient as VisualCron is accountable to monitor and notify you about every schedule. Making sure nothing skips out of your task schedules, this software will minimize the occurrence of all such incidents. You are sure to woo your clients and thus present a better picture of your enterprise before your retained customers with such a terrific tool.

  • Elevating the responsibility index of your employees

While automating your business errands will streamline your day to day functioning, it will also keep a track of who is accountable and for what process. You no longer need to hold longer sessions in the meeting room to go to the cause of the problem. Just a click and you get to know the details that ordinarily you could have missed.

When you have such water-tight system operating in the office environment, you can count on your employees and remain at ease even when you are out of office or are having a tough personal task ahead.

  • Clear hierarchy in your organization

No matter what your company's Bible wants to pronounce, you very well understand the difference between the proposed and the actual hierarchy that exists in your enterprise. Not that everything is a mess, but we cannot shrug off or just ignore the current scenario. Barring exceptions, every one of us has a different (or rather unique) way to interpret the KPIs, and there lies the trouble.

Depending upon nature and the role of market dominating in your targetted audience, it is quite important for your organization to have a clearly defined hierarchy system. Unless that is achieved, the business process improvement (BPI) index won't shoot high. With an all-rounder software such as VisualCron, you can set the job responsibilities to specific employees. Now it becomes a part of their duty to abide by the assigned job module and voila! A uniquely distinct hierarchy is set, giving ample opportunity to maintain a stable division of labor. 

Windows Task Scheduler- The mainstay of Windows based applications

If you are using a Windows based system, then you may be using a Windows Task Scheduler for automating local processes on your machine. This new tool from VisualCron will play a major role in helping you create a more productive enterprise. Our Windows Task Scheduler tool will offer limited time based options for scheduling. Moreover, each Windows based computer will have a separate Windows Task Scheduler. As a result, each individual Windows machine will have this software separately.

Our tool will enable you to streamline and acquire control over the triggers that you have created under Windows Task Scheduler. It will also help you increase the opportunity for your automation goals. So, you will be able to schedule across different platforms in a diverse environment, come up with an electronic audit history and safely transfer files to any remote system.

You will also be able to assimilate workflows from various applications into your enterprise schedule. Job scheduling on the basis of dependencies and conditions will be possible. Our tool also enables modification and use of job history reports for planning future job schedules.

Time is invaluable and you cannot afford to waste it by performing repetitive tasks. As you would have a clear perception as to how to create tasks by now, knowhow about the situations in which automation would be beneficial would be very useful. Once you log into programs that you log into, the possibility is that you open the same programs each time you log into your computer such as emails and client chat. There’s no necessity to load them up once you can automate the process.

Follow the steps that have been mentioned to start working on your task. On the trigger screen, you need to select when you log in. Then you click Next. On the action screen, click on Start a program and then click on browse. Navigate it to where the program you are looking for is located. Then, select it. Then, click on Next once more and then go to Finish. Then, replicate this process as many times you want to, till you have a work for each program that you intend to launch automatically once you log in.

How Job Scheduling Software Can Be Beneficial For Small Businesses?

If you are an entrepreneur, then you must be looking for ways to simplify your business process. If your company has limited resources, then minimizing costs and maximizing the opportunities of revenue generation would be your primary concern. VisualCron’s job scheduling tool has been specifically created to assist you exactly do that. Back office jobs form a significant part of the work process. Our tool will help you to automate batch processing by resolving issues related to submission, monitoring and checking of these jobs.

With changes taking place with every passing day, businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on applications required for batch scheduling. Manual handling of tasks leads to a great loss of business hours. Our software will raise the quality of your IT operations and provide with good returns within a short span of time. You will be able to use calendars as well as clocks for scheduling batch jobs. As a result, you will be able to use external events and control dependencies with the help of our job scheduling software.

The major use of job scheduling software will be in scheduling jobs for performing tasks related to operating systems, as well as custom apps. It will enable you to reduce the error count as well as manual involvement related to workflow automation. As a result, the IT infrastructure maintenance costs of your company will be minimized. Your IT team will be able to function in perfect coordination with other teams on bigger projects.

The significant enhancement in network performance will make sure that all goals at service level are met. This will make sure that all client demands are answered through the integration of job executions with external applications. Updating tasks in a swift way will be made possible. As a result, you will be able to make changes that you want to make now and then.

VisualCron’s tool will ensure better staff productivity and turnaround times and  reduced maintenance costs. So, to bring down errors and do away with unnecessary manual interventions, use VisualCron’s job scheduling software.

The Crucial Business Automation That Kills Your Competition

In day to day business transactions, having a technological advantage can mean a lot. Whether in terms of timely delivery or in reducing the manpower involved to get a particular task done, software resources have always been a great help to business processes. Analogous to a virtual assistance package, this software protects your office data processing and adds value as a technology-built friend.


We have leaped ahead of the old days when an office clerk would need to note down everything, from the schedule of events to the pending tasks. VisualCron brings ahead an opportunity to integrate multiple tasks, all in one place. So whether it's planning a specific job or assigning tasks to various employees, you can comfortably record them all in this software. The software will take the lead and will assist you in integrating various systems through fast file transfers and compatible conversions. Especially when your daily job involves dealing with .BAT file resources and iteratively transferring files and digital data, this software claims to provide you with the maximum utility value, without compromising in terms of quality deliverance. With this kind of software assurance will trigger your motives of outrivaling your business competitors.

Screenshot from 2015-10-01 00:34:12.png

With an intelligent design such as VisualCron, you get your instant messenger integrated to get the real time collaboration with many team tools. Even when you have to travel and have a busy schedule, you can use this software to control your tasks due to its cross-time internet connectivity all across the globe without bothering about information leakage. Supporting multiple clients with just one server administration, you can even develop your personalized desktop or web experience.

Client only Pre-requisites

Depending on your specific requirements, you will need have to meet the following system requirements to get things working:

OS requirements

By design, VisualCron is developed to work with Windows operating computer systems. Whether you have Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or previous versions of Windows such as XP, 2003, 2008 or 2012 version, this software will demonstrate ample compatibility to suit your needs. All you need to ensure is that your system has .NET 4.0 enabled. Regardless of whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor, you can avail the benefits of this efficient software to suit your business and other needs.


However, to get the maximum efficiency and the most optimized performance, it is recommended that you install VisualCron software on a Windows 8 OS. and preferably be quad core or higher. A reserved memory of 200 MB is essential for proper functioning, additionally there should be at least 4GB of free memory to serve your purpose.

How To Implement An Intelligent Strategy By Automating Business Operations?

We highlight the key points an enterprise need to work on towards attaining the leadership. Understanding that different organizational setup will have different priorities.

Intelligent business leaders understand the need to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of business contexts. So as to explore new venues and conquer all opportunities, one must get out of the proverbial frog's well and look beyond ordinary practices.

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In this accord, smart executives are eventually utilizing software applications to automate their business processes. Engaging a software to keep track of the valuable resources, businesses can avail their manpower's efficiency in other domains such as improving customer experience and facilitating a much more flexible business campaign.

How to implement an effective strategy?

We highlight the key points an enterprise need to work on towards attaining the leadership. Understanding that different organizational setup will have different priorities, we try to stay as generic as possible. You can appropriate these bullet points to suit your business contexts.

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  • Providing reliable support

Remaining active as ever, you will want to get clearer communication with your employees, clients, and above all, your customers. Also, you might consider having the communication stored for future references as well as R&D concerns.

Automating the business process will help you to this end by maintaining a user-friendly platform in which all your correspondences can be available for as long as you seek.

  • Better feedback management

Regardless of whether you are in the manufacturing sector, or deal in e-commerce, having a competent feedback system is crucial to foster excellent communication between your process managers and vendors. So what has business automation to do about it? While your customer feedback can be accessed (and worked upon) on a real-time basis, getting your process automated can ensure that issues are quickly addressed.

What's unique about this operation model is that your teams can consistently monitor the metrics, thereby working towards an improved version of your business practice. As a business consultant, I have seen quite a many cases where adopting such practices have shown astonishing (and fruitful) outcomes in annual performance reviews.

  • Defining new targets and identifying better avenues of success

As a company, you always thought you would make a big difference in the way the world works. And why not? With the right strategy and proper execution of plans, you can elevate your success stories and soon become a trendsetter in the domain you currently operate for.  

Winston Churchill quoted once that "if you're going through hell, keep going”. It's time you run ahead of your competition and hit the bull's eye. By identifying your strong points and deficiency, you will be in a better position to formulate an effective strategy. You need not boil the ocean at once; instead start small. Get an updated business process automation software that will release your employees from doing the regular file transfer and database management.

Once you automate these simple things, you can think of many innovative ways to do something different, something better. And yes, your employees are as energetic as you, and they will take more initiatives to improve the overall brand value.

Why Business Automation adds a Punch to your business processes

A research by Netsuite found that more than 2/3rd of the participating companies seek improving productivity so as to cut down costs and increase business returns. Around 60% of mid-size companies plan to automate their business operations. It essentially follows that by automating the daily processes in business contexts, employees will be relieved from handling diversified data types and order management issues. Subsequently, they can further contribute towards adding more value to the company by emphasizing their efforts in revenue growth initiatives. The same research revealed that a large section of these companies anticipates integrating software tools to impart better customer experience and quality management short.

  • Why do we need to automate businesses today?

In the world we live, opportunities of better market acquisition are exponentially rising. With that kind of business environment, there is no room for leaving any screw loose. Getting business processes automated results into tangible results. Whether it is customer experience or productivity, or even deliverance of new products, automation frees you from all insecurities and encourages your valuable manpower to look beyond the average scope. While the software takes care of your daily operations, you can look for better opportunities.

PMG  went deep to explore the benefits of getting a typical business operation automated. They found that an automated business process performs better than an ordinary business by

  • sharing knowledge

  • improving the customer experience and making the buyer's journey seamless

  • managing and measuring enterprise data resources

  • getting a bigger picture out of accumulated transactional data to formulate and activate the feasible plan-of-action

  • error-free alignment of business goals

  • gaining consistent efficiency and discarding miscommunication

  • eliminating redundancy by cross-checking the stored data therefore ensuring anti-duplicacy

If you are a small or midsize company struggling to manage your valuable information, you can look out for a standard business process automation (BPA) software. As such, most of the available software resources are compatible with the general system specifications. So, with little spending (on the license or the cost of the BPA software), you can get the maximum benefits and become a market leader in no time!

Depending upon your specific requirements and market compatibility, your chosen software should adapt to your precise needs. Also, since you will want to reduce your expenditure, it is preferable that the software should allow multiple users while using a single server as the administrator. Make sure that your data remains secure and so check for the security features as well. You don't want your valuable data to leak, so having proper permission system designed in the software need to be present.

Automate Numerous Software with Ease Using Task Scheduler

Windows 10 is about to come up with a remarkable change in Microsoft’s OS works. However, the Windows 8.1 comes with some legacy tools and apps that you may not be aware of. VisualCron’s Task Scheduler is one of them. It is an inbuilt utility that will help you to automate numerous tasks without using any additional software. The details about it are mentioned below:-


VisualCron’s Task Scheduler tool is a powerful task scheduler. It will enable you to automate all your daily tasks such as lunch applications, batch files, scripts, web pages, shut-down and restart of your computer, close-dial up connections and play sounds. Pop-up messages will prevent you from forgetting important tasks included on your to do list. Automatic shut-down feature enables you to leave your system running and be confident that it shuts down at a particular time. Almost the same feature is applicable in the case of dial -up networks and programs.


Task Scheduler icons will become visible in your system tray, providing you with access to all the features through a popup menu. It will appear once you right click. You can restore the tool by pressing on Advanced Task Scheduler. This scheduler may also be launched as a Windows Service. It will make sure that all the tasks you have scheduled tasks to run in a well ordered manner without consuming too much of your desktop space. You can also run it without logging in as a user.

Task Scheduler can keep a track of all tasks that have been executed in a log file or shared with you in your inbox. This will help you to take note of which tasks are being executed and at what time. You can also print the log file if the need arises. Moreover, you can also encrypt your settings and task list, utilize login-watch, process watch as well as file watch features and assign numerous short-cuts and schedules for each task.

It is an effective tool that you may not have a clear idea about. One way through which you can understand its potential is to find out its usability. Once you do that, you won’t have to waste your time handling a multitude of software.

Why is VisualCron the Most Useful Software for Your Business?

Every organization has some employees engaged with scheduling the day-to-day tasks. Whether you work as a recruitment manager or have to deal in with operation teams, a proper task scheduling software is always helpful. Not just it saves your time and money; it eases your job responsibility. Also, since the software takes care of notification and other actions, there is little very little chance for any error to occur.

Regardless of whether you are an employee or a business owner, you often feel the need of an adequate software application that can streamline your daily job and relieve you of the extra burden you have to take every day. VisualCron does exactly the same thing for you. Designed accurately to cater all small and mid-size enterprises, this software has great features, one of which is job scheduler.

A utility software designed to help enterprises, VisualCron automates your daily jobs such as handling batch files (processing, file transfer, etc.). While it reduces time by doing away with the otherwise manual interventions, it is especially helpful when you have large sized files to operate. Keeping pace with the latest technological advancements, most business houses are struggling to find an alternative to manual labor. Why involve valuable employees in tasks that can be automated? With software taking care of your needs, you no longer have to cross-check the work since it’s very unlikely for error to creep in.

Scheduling jobs and getting periodic reminders will help you prioritize things better and consequently you won't miss any event. Do you have any appointment scheduled next month? No problem, just feed in that in this software, it will remind you at the right time so that you can attend in time.

What features do I get?

  • Task management

Provides you with resources to alter the already set tasks so as to coordinate among your team members across various computer systems

Image source: VisualCron

  • Monitored audits

Monitors all activities and stores them for your future reference

  • Real-time assessment

Help in real-time interaction, therefore providing proactive customer experience

  • Automatic checking of issues and conflicts

  • Extended Log in

You don’t need to audit the thing manually; this software has enough resources to debug

  • Supports multiple users with one server

  • Simple and user-friendly software

Even when you are no geek, you can use this software. The benefit of having a simple interactive system is that you don't need to spend much time or money in training your employees.

This Clock Doesn't Stops: Job Scheduling Software

The job scheduling software is meant to integrate various business processes. The centralising of operation gets easier with the help of VisualCron’s job scheduling software. The job scheduling software provides a console to the whole enterprise.  It fends off the user intervention. The scheduling of different batches is essential for any business organisation as the transition happening the industry.  

VisualCron’s job scheduling software collects and organises the data and information on and throughout different platforms. The quality of operation in the IT aspect of business requires regular updates. The operators require to cope with the challenges thrown out to them by the challengers.The multiplicity of the events in daily operation requires the clock and calendar to remain updated. Keeping all the job schedule from different functions of the enterprise is a hectic task.

The job scheduling software downsizes the number of error which occur while manually operating, improvises the level of service delivery, enhances the control and streamlines the jobs and lastly makes it a cost efficient affair by deducting the cost of operation which occurs when you manually manage the affairs. Furthermore, automation of the job scheduling helps in sequencing and simultaneously creating updates and add-ons. Also, the coordination from one system to another is easier in VisualCron’s Job scheduling software.

Moreover, the VisualCron software allows IT operators schedule on the basis of an event and generates a notification on problems and delays in the process. The characteristic of generating notifications is a minor but important advantage for all the business organisation. With the help of our software, the performance of a task and their completion rate will spur up. The afterward impact of using the job scheduling software will allow you respond to the challenges and demand. The integration aspect of our software is crucial as it allows you to bring together the job execution to applications outside the system.

The advance software of VisualCron helps in tuning your performance and removes the repetition of a task. The automation solution will not only govern but also provides backup and recovery. The capacity of our service marks its presence on various updated platform making the process of integration further easy and simple.

Want the Ball to be in Your Court? We Can Bring it With BPA

Efficiency with cost management is what most of the business organisation try to pursue.The separate management of different operation may lead to efficiency, but the aim of managing cost remains largely unfulfilled. Also, separate management of different operations often leads to a strict and greater requirement of coordination.  The process of different operation can be coordinated if the technology is allowed to play a significant role. The technology here we are providing will downsize the complex affairs of business development, management, HR, etc. Our software will help you out in multidimensional ways. Our software solution will allow you to control the various activity with greater control and transparency omnipotently.

The business as most of our customer operate have shared their experience. The traditional before and after comparison will be easier for you understand how the Business Process Automation software adds value to your operations. To take insight from the process of performance tracking of employees. HR executives in their review of employees have to collect manually all the task performed by each employ and then they compare it with the task given to them.Moreover, they also have to coordinate with quality control team for their feedback. The process does not end here, the processing of information and then creating a report always enhance the chances of error and delay. Along with all the work-related problems, the manual process simultaneously reduces the productivity of employees. VisualCron solutions have transformed the work culture by its business process automation software services. Our products are the threads that you can use and reach out to the desired outcomes. The transformations or changes ‘after’ using our software solutions are widespread. Now there is a common platform to assess, plan out, share, communicate and review the work.

We also believe that our products should not be merely software solutions. The focus is on making it adaptive and engaging according to your business requirements. Whether its IT operations or another department that does not use technological elements int their task, Our software are developed to suit the basic minimum functional requirement of your daily work.
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