Run Your Business Smoothly with a Job Scheduling Software

An industry or a business runs with the efficiency of its employees and co-workers. Everybody in an organization has a specific set of task or job that needs to be done. While it is comparatively easy to assign a job, keeping the track of them and scheduling them, is a tedious and complicated task. In the event of repetition and reallocation of jobs, the task becomes more complicated and often the person who assigns it lose the track of the assignment structure. Job scheduling software has simplified this process.


Job Allocation Simplified

Job scheduling software moderates the process of task assignment and scheduling and saves a lot of time. The employees automatically get the alerts and notifications of the job without verbal communication. It also helps them to plan for their scheduled task and they do not have to rely on manual notifications. It also ensures the timely completion of the assigned task and keeps the business data optimized.

Reschedules assistance

Imagine a situation wherein you go and assign a job to your fellow employee and due to some unfortunate event, he won't show up. It would be a hassle to communicate personally to another employee for the same job especially when the communication sources and time are limited. Job scheduling software provides the convenience of rescheduling a task with a click of a mouse. The employee would automatically get notified in his work dashboard.

Monetary calculations and database

In addition to assigning and scheduling jobs and tasks, the job scheduling software monitors the custom databases. You may customize the employee salary account database and easily monitor the monthly pay structure. You can also keep the analytic track of workflow and priority tasks. It saves the cost to the company as lesser hands are required to monitor the databases while the job scheduling software is running at its predefined pace.

Data reference and mobility

Job scheduling software like VisualCron can be accessed with ease on your portable computer or laptop and offers a great platform to keep all the business data intact for future reference and necessary checks.It eliminates the paperwork and improves the level of communication and acknowledgments.

VisualCron is one such software that provides all the necessary features of task scheduling, job scheduling, automation, and integration. There is no particular way you can use it as it can be customized as per your business requirements and work model.

How Automation Helps to Build an Efficient Business

Keeping the track of market interest has become the prime concern for all the businesses in today's time. Consumers, clients, products, and employees constitute the whole structure of the business. It is not always possible to remain notified of each department's task and workflow structure in your organization. The time is less and tasks are endless. It is very important to manage and distribute the right amount of time and focus on each aspect of the business. Business process automation is an idea that is introduced to suffice this need. Business process automation has brought excellent results in the initial phases of its introduction and has been widely accepted by the organizations.It is helpful in keeping the track of all the business related processes without much hassle. Let's discuss some efficient aspects of it.

Smooth Streamlining

Implementing new ideas and models into business is a challenging task. However, organizing it efficiently is not easy. Data and task organizing are a need for every business model. A streamlined data is easy to access and refer to all the people in an organization. The regular notifications keep them awake of the upcoming tasks. The communication reminders prevent irregularity in project delivery to clients and market.

Accountable employees

With the introduction of business process automation, employees are held accountable for the assigned tasks. The approvals from respective managers and departments are virtual and notification based. It prevents the potential false excuses from the employee's end since no verbal communication is required to assign the task. Automation introduces transparency in the work deliveries and task completion. It also provides the tools to track the efficiency and consistency among employees.

Cost efficiency and Error Reduction

Manual errors are the human limitation. Errors often lead to waste of time and trust among businesses. Fortunately, Automation Software do not work that way. It is quite possible that an employee forgets to initiate an urgent task in the event of multiple task assignments. However, the automation software notifies you of the relevant tasks and prevents delay. In the most simple words, the human carelessness can be easily prevented using business process automation.

Live Statistics and Insights

Business process automation provides a common work platform that is software based. The data of employee efficiency, the workflow analytics, the graphical representation of profits and all relevant information are readily available to the business owner. It is very important for the management team as it is the source of conclusions and necessary improvements in any business.

With a clear hierarchical approach to data processing and distribution, business process automation is the trusted choice among companies worldwide. You can also introduce a business automation software in your workflow and mark the difference in productivity and results.

The Challenges an Organization face during implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

The business works on several internal and external parameters in an organization. Keeping the track of each and every process and workflow needs a management software. ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning softwares are adopted by various organizations to automate and manage the tasks and processes. ERP systems can be easily customized and merges various business processes efficiently. It comprises of applications that maintain distinct data structure on a common software platform. However, it needs an effective implementation. Let's discuss some challenges you might face while implementing it in the organization.


Requirements and Choice of ERP system

Choosing the ERP system is a critical step and should be taken carefully as it would serve the organization for coming years. You need to understand the work and activity structure, business processes, finance aspects of your organization before making the decision. You may go through the following checklist for the same.

1. Is this workflow management software compatible with the competitive aspects of the organization?

2. Does it provide tools to handle all the organization structures and processes?

3. Are you getting a better alternative workflow management software at similar cost?

4. Is the software globally appreciated and used by the organizations?

5. Does the software provide technical support and backup assistance?

Hiring the professionals

A professional business management consultant is required to give a second opinion after identifying the business structure of your organization. He would be a source of information on the best available ERP solutions and their implementations. Since the ERP system would ultimately come in regular usage, the technical team should be well capable of understanding the software structure, its customizations, troubleshooting, and management. A team of trainers who have a good knowledge of the ERP is required to train employees with software features and methods.

Introducing the ERP system

It does take the time to adopt a new change in every organization, and same is the case with workflow management software or ERP systems. The employees may not be able to cope up in the beginning. However, with the appropriate training sessions and regular guidance, they would ultimately get to use it efficiently. The projects, files, and databases would require a shift from the old data management system to the new ERP system. A regular backup and system testing are the important steps that need to be performed.

ERP systems or workflow management software plays a vital role and is a necessary tool in the organization. With the adequate amount of focus in implementation, it optimizes the analytic business model and helps serving to its growth aspects.

How Task Automation Benefits The Organization

Task automation is a process where the series of tasks are performed automatically using the software platform. Various organizations are using this software technology to perform the organizational processes and tasks. Task automation software is capable of handling multiple kinds of data without the input of manual labor. These automated tasks follow the sequential pattern. Consequently, the task type that was using multiple employees earlier would be managed by few employees. It also, streamline the task assignments among the employees and let them work efficiently without much practical interaction. Let's discuss the benefits of automating the business workflow in more elaborated form.


Error reduction and assignment clarity

There were times when employees in the organizations used to miss out the task schedules due to improper task assignment. It is a limitation that a human mind is incapable of remembering each and every task that is required to be done. Task automation software are of great help since they have reminder algorithms built in them. Also, you need not communicate the task physically when it can be easily done with few clicks of the mouse. It reduces errors and prevents the delay in assignment completion. The automatic notifications and task based platform are designed efficiently for the convenience of the users.

Statistical Calculation of Workflow and Ease of Communication

Business relies on the employees, clients and management’s communications and fulfillments. Task automation provides a common platform for all of them to communicate while simultaneously figuring out the work status. The management can easily track the live status of the workflow and statistically view the employee data. The communication history and shared data reside on the same platform that could be easily referred anytime. It prevents paperwork and unnecessary hassles of tangible data handling.

Better relations with clients

It is quite understandable that the world is getting fast and responses are expected instantly. Clients do expect the same from the organizations. The client - company relationship can be well maintained if the projects are delivered on committed time. Task automation software keeps the employees awake and notify them about the pending tasks. The gathered information about workflow status easily helps to conclude the deadline of the project delivery. Thus, the management can easily communicate the work status and deliver the projects to the clients on time.

Organized work structure

Task automation removes the paperwork hassles and keeps all sorts of data on the same software platform. This platform is commonly shared by the employees, management and everybody associated with the organization. Various priorities and rights can be customized for each employee category. It keeps the process hierarchical and prevents worktime confusions among various departments. It adds to the productive aspect of the business and saves time.

With the advancement in technology and global interactions among businesses, companies are adopting the task automation strategies for efficient results. Task automation software are getting widely popular and are also available to download from web sources. It can be easily customized as per the business model of the organization.

Tips To Handle Edi Exceptions With Business Process Automation

Integrating your EDI data into a functioning ERP platform is crucial but given the complexities involved, organizations often struggle to get it done accurately and in the given time-frame. Electronic Data interchange of EDI is the transmission of data within an organizational setup in a structured and retrievable data form that will allow information to be transmitted without any need for rekeying. Used for various purposes such as electronic fund transfers (in institutions dealing with financial aspects), and direct exchange of business documents like invoices and purchase bills, EDI is an important aspect of workflow management. Offering a bunch of benefits, EDI is becoming more available to all businesses, large and small, thanks to the rapid advancements in the related technology.

Dealing with EDI errors

A study reveals that around three-fourth of the companies equipped with EDI are forced to re-process orders (manually) every day. Translating such delays and reconsiderations into business expenses, the companies suffer heavy financial loss. No matter what industry purpose your enterprise may serve, dealing with EDI errors are big trouble. In general, handling EDI errors call for the help from qualified IT staffs who are extremely skillful.

Sadly, since the IT staffs are often busy and have little idea about the business products, they often are at their wits' end without the interference of customer service staffs. From the strategic point of view, it is not a good idea to involve our IT resources in these optimization tasks. On the contrary, one can consider moving towards a cloud-based model to save time and efforts.

How do EDI errors deteriorate your business processes? The answer can be found in the bottom line of the problem: more the errors waiting for resolution, greater is the impact shown on the accuracy of revenue projection and high-level planning. When your orders get stuck because of some or the other EDI exception, it will become very hard to predict revenue, workload and staffing required to process them. Reducing the strategic advantages, it will be indeed a hard job to plan things in advance. So what does an organization do?

In essence, every organization facing such troubles have the following agenda in mind:

Avoid IT complexities

Order processing automation platforms are to be configured that must be compatible with a large range of IT installations. Instead of changing the existing EDI or ERP infrastructure, an organization will prefer incorporating a solution that works with its existing system.

Gaining visibility with customized dashboards

One must be able to track all orders (even those containing EDI errors) in real time and get updated information on such orders that await approval.

Managing orders with simple solution

CSRs need to efficiently process customer orders from a single interface without being influenced by the submission method.

By automating your business processes, the problem can be reduced to a great extent. Combined with a strict workflow management, EDI exceptions can be handled to yield positive results for all businesses that are concerned with:

  1. Achieving 100% order visibility across all formats and channels

  2. Processing orders via a single platform, irrespective of the how the orders arrived

  3. Automatically detecting the errors before orders enter the ERP systems.

5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Business Process

Business organizations can no longer rely on manual business processes these days. Entering details in a spreadsheet, communicating with colleagues to get the task done, handling customer information in a CRM... these time-consuming manual processes can be improved both qualitatively and quantitatively when the processes are automated.

The answer will be different, based on both the industry you are working for and the business operations you are involved into. But generally speaking, here are the avenues where you might need to automate the business to get better results:

  1. Manual duplication of data: Does your work require recording data such as phone numbers, email addresses, and other information at various places? Automating helps because it reduces the overall time taken and also you don't have to worry about any data getting lost.

  1. Do your processes "hang" or get delayed because some of your process workers didn't get the communication to proceed with the next step? Lack of communication and the absence of follow-ups are major concerns for all business processes. Once you automate the process, you do no longer need to follow-up with your colleagues or clients: your work will be executed at the scheduled time with no delay.

Here are the five best reasons why your business process should switch to an automation model:

  1. Streamlining communication in the business process

When a manual workforce is employed to get the task done, you have to send numerous emails, reminders, etc. to proceed towards a single process. That kills time and is a wastage in terms of money and human resource. Automating the workflow will ensure having streamlined communication process. A single dashboard that can record all the relevant communication for all the assigned participants to check for updates. In the same tune, the workers can also check for any irregularities and address the same right at the place where they emerge.

  1. Error is expensive

In every business operation, automation is an urgent requirement. Not only because doing a task manually comes at a risk of negligence, but also because human attempts have a limited level of precision. The seemingly small errors have the potential to cost money to your business process. Especially in operations that require real-time handling, you cannot afford to rely on manual labor alone. Because your operations might not have the desired level of accuracy, you may no longer serve your audience base and thus may be losing business every second.

  1. Accountability ensured

Automating your workforce, you encourage an owner for each step of the task, therefore, ensuring accountability. Likewise, it follows that the initiations, approvals, rejections, etc. will be better handled because the work is allocated to an accountable person. That ways, you are not just increasing the information transparency and the workflow system of your organization, you are also creating an efficient workflow management system in your organization.

  1. Minimizing costs and increasing efficiency

Naturally, with an automated workflow system, you reduce the occurrences of manual errors and thus decrease the costs associated with inefficiency. So despite the past where slow sales approvals, late payments became expensive for your business process, an automated business process will improve the process because the efficiency is guaranteed and the errors are very unlikely to creep in.

  1. Developing insight into the evolution of your business process

Once the business is automated, you will be able to streamline the employee base with an effect that the business process will run smoothly and seamlessly. Also, since the mode of communication and management is streamlined, you can derive actionable insights to analyze if your business process can be improved. This being one of the strong points of workflow automation, will help in improving your business model and give your organization a competitive advantage.

BPA Software- An entrepreneur's delight

We are living in the age of automation. The stress on manual intensive work in business processes is gradually on the wane. Companies are stressing on automating their business processes to reduce manual errors and save both time and money. Keeping all these factors in mind, VisualCron has created the Business Process Automation(BPA) tool to organize complex business processes. Our goal is to help you make use of proven technologies for collecting, directing and managing them across the whole business cycle. 

We focus on helping you raise the bar of operational quality by providing you complete control over all steps in your business process. By automating your IT infrastructure, we will help you make sure that all assigned tasks are completed within the committed time. The real time monitoring and automated escalations features have been specifically built for this purpose.

Our software will improve the speed of processing, thereby ensuring that each of your staff gets work allocated according to the best of his abilities. It will allow you to come up with useful end user views that offer work related details acquired from different systems to your employees.

We have created the BPA tool with the major aim to help you minimize cost and time taken to reduce them, and time required for executing automated processes. We believe in configuration rather than customization, and that is what helps us stand apart from thousands of ERP tool producers around the world.

Keeping your business interests and convenience in mind, we have customized our software to adapt well to existing systems. You will be able to maintain official correspondence through emails, pop notifications and instant messaging, which won’t be affected by the integration of BPA software in your office systems and add them to the business process.

The success of every business depends on the efficiency with which its business process are handled. Once BPA software becomes a part of your day to day business operations, you will be able to find a visible change in the functioning of your business. Stay smart, stay ahead with BPA software.

Business Process Automation-The stepping stone for proactive process management

Businesses are always on the lookout to improve the execution pattern of their processes to retain their competitive edge over others. From data collection to distribution, analyze and incorporate data into their strategic planning processes. Business Process Automation(BPA)improves process management. This in turn can help your business attain satisfactory returns within a short span of time.

VisualCron’s software has been used by clients across different businesses to collect data, reporting processes and create invoices. Moreover, our tool will allow you to deploy business processes in an automated format, thereby enabling your managers to smoothen their processes within their network.

The strong point of our software lies in the fact that it ensures efficient monitoring to guarantee the timely completion of processes within the allocated time. It is a suitable tool for use by HR executives as well. The latter will be able to come up with in-depth reports on the overall performance of your employees and process.

Our main intention is to help you cut down your costs, time and complications that you may face while implementing the above mentioned automated processes.  It will improve quality and processing speed and ensure that work allocation is done on the basis of an employee’s caliber. You can do the same without replacing the systems that are already in use within your organization.

Our software will integrate within the existing environment that you have within your IT infrastructure. It will help you to explain processes and norms related to them. You can use it across different types of business processes like financial transactions such as invoice generation and HR tasks like absences and timesheets.

The use of our software will enhance the speed of your business process flow and give you an indication which task has been approved by whom. It will also clarify who imposes limits on approval and state the number of authorizers required for approving an item which is highly valued.

Your workflow won’t be affected by issues related to integration with the external workflow engines to remove alerts and messages. You will also be able to make use of inbuilt reports to observe performance and find out the bottlenecks.

Workflow Management Software-The secret behind the success of every business

Workflow automation is a software that helps in integrating different business processes that are involved in the running of a business. It includes some steps- from the entry of the first number to the final product. It helps in integrating these steps into a cohesive whole. Here are some of the long term advantages of Workflow Management Software (WMS) software:-

Reduction in the number of errors and guarantee that tasks won’t go off track

One of the major advantages of utilizing workflow automation is that it helps clients to minimize errors and ensure that tasks don’t go off track. So, there will be no delay in work delivery from your employees due to gaps in communication. For instance, you may be facing some issues in the hiring process. VisualCron’s automated process ensures that once the HR receives the interview results, he is prompted by the system to send the offer letter. In case he doesn’t send the letter before a specific deadline, his supervisor will get notifications from the system.

Efficiency level of clients will improve, and they will complete their tasks on time

WMS automation comes with an in-built oversight mechanism which helps in improving staff efficiency and accountability. You will be able to keep a track of what is going on and find the problems that your employees are facing. As a result, they will become more effective and will complete the tasks assigned to them on time.

Staff will manage their work on their own

Once you start using VisualCron’s WMS software, all your employees will have a clear idea of their responsibilities If their work is not completed on time, your managers will receive a notification. They won’t have to manage employees directly. Rather they will keep a track of the progress in work. Your staff won’t have to waste their time to update status requests either. Rather, a manager will oversee the entire workflow process and keep a track of what is going on at the group level.

Marked improvement in internal communication

WMS helps in improving internal communication. As a result, there will be a reduction in your employee turnover. One of the major reasons why employees leave a company is their communication gap with the management. Workflow automation will automate the internal communication within your company. So, none of your employees will have to remind the next person in a chain of events that his turn has come

Ensure the judicious use of resources with Business Process software

Use of labor intensive tasks is diminishing with every passing day across businesses. Businesses are adapting to the use of automation software to reduce costs related to specific business processes. VisualCron’s business process software has been specifically designed to bring down labor intensive activities in your business process. Some of the plus points of the tool are mentioned below:-

Quality and consistency is ensured

Automation makes sure that each action is performed in a similar way. It ensures high quality, dependable results. It also helps in maintaining consistency. If, for instance, you automate the follow up process of your customer care, your clients will get a satisfactory level of service on a consistent basis.

Enhancements in operational efficiency

In business terms, efficiency refers to the optimal amount of time, cost, and effort that is used for a specific purpose. Our software will minimize the time taken to finish a task, the effort required to achieve it, and costs associated with its successful completion.

Sufficient time savings

Labor intensive tasks take a lot of time. They are performed by people who are likely to make manner and fail to maintain the highest standards on a consistent basis. Automation will also minimize the number of tasks that have been done manually.

It will provide you with a substantial amount of free time to work on areas that prove to be beneficial to your business. Your creativity will increase, and your employees will feel inspired to perform to the best of their potential. Productivity levels will get a big boost as a result.

Turnaround times will be minimized

VisualCron’s software will enable you to organize your business processes in an efficient manner. All unneeded tasks will be done away with, and process steps realigned to ensure the smooth flow of information across different departments within your company. The altering of business process will reduce the turnaround time for your employees as well as clients.

Costs will go down

Labor intensive tasks are more costly as they are performed at a slower place, one after another. Automation will help you to finish a greater number of tasks, using lesser resources.

Better governance and more reliability

As automated processes help in maintaining a good deal of consistency, you can offer more reliable services to your clients and maintain a competitive edge over your clients. Our tool will make sure that the processes that are necessary for corporate governance are executed with perfection according to prescribed laws.

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